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By Magic Brands

Hi there! I'm Dany, your Modern Mystic friend, I'm a spiritually experienced Leo with a free spirit - laid back - Cosmic soul. Magic Brands was born of my spiritual practice and journey and a love of making sustainably and ethically harvested smudge sticks for myself, my family and friends. I was drawn towards spirituality and the metaphysical when I learned at a young age that I am gifted with a highly developed intuition. Because of this, I had to learn different practices and how to create different tools to develop and grow my spirit.

As a Native American I was empowered by knowledgeable relatives and friends with similar gifts and energy to improve my spiritual mindfulness. With the years, as my spiritual practice and knowledge grew, I also learned how to consciously manifest financial and romantic success, improve my spiritual and physical well-being, and enhance my mental clarity for astrology and mysticism purposes.


When you buy from our small and sustainable family business you support the important and necessary preservation of the sacred plant "White Sage" (Salvia Apiana). As caretakers of the planet, we're working to save botanicals from over-harvesting and extinction. An important portion of all proceeds goes toward replanting indigenous medicines and education about care and use. Thank you for supporting small and sustainable business like ours and for saying "NO" to non-sustainable businesses.

Sending you all the love and wishing you an amazing 2023 filled with success; love, health and abundance.

Thank you for sharing the Magic!

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Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.